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[[Nick is talking with Fred in his office]]
Nick: Fred, you didn't set up an open Wi-Fi access point, did you?
Fred: A whozawhatsit?

[[Ki, Sharon, and Dexter are meeting up after investigating various areas. Dexter is eating a donut]]
Ki: I didn't see anything odd in the server room...
Dexter: Kitchen's clear.
Sharon: There's no ethernet in the kitchen.

[[Sharon walks off as the rest of the cast are portrayed in silhouettes]]
Sharon: If none of _us_ set it up and Fred's clean, that leaves Dwayne and Trent. Dwayne knows better than to mess with the network without consulting me, so it must be...

[[Sharon glares at Trent in his office. Trent grins while looking up from his laptop. The AP is visible on a bookshelf]]
Sharon: _Trent_.
Trent: Greetings, you pathetic wired Luddite!

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