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[[Dwayne is talking with an angry Sharon while Trent reclines in his chair]]
Dwayne: Sharon, have you considered converting our entire network to Wi-Fi?
Sharon: No, and I'll tell you why.

[[Sharon is talking, and Trent suspiciously eyes her]]
Sharon: First, our current network is already ten times faster than the 802.11b this AP uses. We already have a migration plan to go to Gigabit Ethernet, which is 100 times faster.

[[Focus on the three from outside the window]]
Sharon: Secondly, out of the box, this AP is a massive security hole in our network. Any wardriver could get access to customer data just by driving down the street.

[[Sharon points at Trent, who looks taken aback. Dwayne looks on disapprovingly.]]
Sharon: Thirdly, I don't want my network manhandled by this smelly, human-shaped, steaming pile of--
Dwayne: I think the first two reasons are sufficient, thanks.

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