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[[Sharon, looking displeased, walks in on the others eating lunch]]
Nick: So has the Wi-Fi mess been sorted out?
Sharon: Finally. I had to come to a compromise.

[[Sharon reverts to a neutral expression in a close-up]]
Sharon: Since Dwayne liked it so much, I told him we could keep it only if we changed the SSID and password, turned off beaconing, enabled WPA encryption, and the AP was under my physical control.

[[Sharon grins deviously while Ki looks on]]
Sharon: I also gave them a lecture on wireless security, and took a little revenge on Trent by restricting his mail file to ten kilobytes.

[[Sharon looks upset as Dexter turns to her]]
Dexter: So why the long face?
Sharon: I'm dreading going down to the vending machines. I'll be the laughing stock of the other sys admins in the building...

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