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[[Trent storms past Dexter]]
Trent: That stupid blob of snot is getting on my last nerve. It's gonna get me FIRED!
Dexter: Who, Fred? I doubt that.

Dexter: You know, he's actually kind of nice once you get to know him. He and I had an interesting discussion about sci-fi as modern mythology.
Trent: Ooh, I'm SO jealous.

Dexter: In fact, he's actually kind of popular online. He has a well-trafficked website and goes by the name "Dr. Fredrick Physarum. It's funny because Physarum is another name for-- {{slime mold}}
Trent: Do I LOOK like I care, Dexter?

Dexter: I'm just saying, maybe you should get to know him better by reading his BLOG.
[[shows a laptop hooked up to the Internet]]

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