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[[Mrs, Oshiro is in her kitchen, cooking. She's on the phone with her daughter Ki. We see Ki's voice out of the phone]]
Mrs, Oshiro: Neu-erh hao! How is my little Ki doing today?
Ki: Mama hao. I'm fine.

[[Ki's apartment. We don't see Mrs, Oshiro, just her voice out of the phone.]]
Mrs, Oshiro: You never told me about spending the holidays with your boyfriend's family. I trust they embarassed him thoroughly in front of you?
Ki: Actually, they were very nice. They made me feel right at home.

[[Ki looks upset]]
Mrs Oshiro: And when are you going to bring him to meet *us*? Not after the wedding, I hope...
Ki: *Mama* know baba wouldn't approve of that.

[[Back in Mrs Oshiro's kitchen]]
Ki: How... is he doing?
Mrs Oshiro: Your father? Much better, though he may need that cane for the rest of his life.

[[Mrs Oshiro stands near the basement door on which ther's a "KEEP OUT" sign]]
Mrs Oshiro: I am more concerned about Yoshi. Lately, he has been acting so... so... chee kauy.
Ki: Strange? that sounds about normal for *him*.

[[In the Oshiro's basement. We see yoshi's hand tightening a nut with a wrench in the foreground and the basement's staircase and aforementioned door in the background.]]
Mrs Oshiro: No, no... More strange than usual. He's been working in the basement for months, and he won't let us know what he's up to...

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