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[[The Oshiro's basement. Yoshi is working on a huge machine. He speaks in the narrative form. NOTE: this is a colored strip.]]

Caption: It's taken almost a year, but I've made serious headway. Aside from a few final components, it's almost complete.

[[We see some plans, a pencil and a rule on a table]].
Caption: SIR3N's plans were strange. There were several flaws in the logic, but I worked them out. I still don't know how this thing is supposed to work.

[[Yoshi's wiping sweat off his head.]]
Caption: It'll *never* work if I can't get the parts I need. They're all seriously high-tech... Not exactly easy for a junior high kid to get, but I have my sources.

[[Yoshi looks at his computer which is in the foreground.]]
Caption: I haven't heard from her since that "MUTEX" incident. Not sure if she's mad at me, or just can't make contact. Either way, SIR3N, your gadget's almost ready.

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