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[[Yoshi gets on his bike]]
Yoshi narrating: Of course, I'm not your average 14-year-old. I'm already in my junior year at college, and I'm already well past all my instructors.

[[Yoshi rides his bike as a silhouette]]
Yoshi: They basically let me do whatever I want and give me all "A"s. It's jut a formality. I practically teach their classes for them. I wrote half the research papers published this semester.

[[Yoshi picks up a package from a man in a lab coat.]]
Yoshi: But it leads to certain perks, like asking to borrow certain expensive high-tech toys for my "experiment." They pat me on the head and send me on my way. Morons.

[[Yoshi goes down the sidewalk. A black car is turning into his street]]
Yoshi: I've looked at s1r3n's plans and I know what this thing can do. It doesn't take a boy genius to know a weapon when he sees one. Now I just need to know _why_ she wants it.

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