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[[An "FBI" agent points a gun at Mrs. Oshiro, who, scared, drops a pot of water]]
Yoshi narrating: Little did I know they raided the house right after I left. Dad was going to throw a fit when he got home later.

[[A female agent opens Yoshi's sock drawer, but doesn't check underneath it]]
Yoshi narrating: They took my computers, as well as most of my CDs. Good thing they didn't find the incriminating stuff. I keep that on a DVD-RW taped under my sock drawer.

[[Two agents look around, supposedly ignoring the veiled Project Velociraptor]]
Yoshi narrating: They didn't know what to make of the thing in my basement. Just my luck. They thought it was harmless enough not to confiscate. They left the most dangerous thing.

[[Yoshi is led into an interrogation room]]
Yoshi narrating: They took me to the police station to grill me. I was sure it was about my hacking, even though I was always careful to cover my tracks. Boy, was I ever wrong.

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