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[[Agent #18's face is visible]]
Yoshi narrating: I was playing cool. They had nothing on me. I encrypt everything, and I digitally shred all my files. But I wasn't who they were after.
Agent #18: Where is "S1R3N"?

[[Yoshi is sitting next to an agent, scowling]]
Yoshi narrating: I about burst out laughing. Of all the things to hold me for, that was it? I told the truth: I don't know. Well, I told them I didn't know what they were talking about. Big diff.

[[Agent #18 holds up some papers]]
Yoshi narrating: They spouted something about Carnivore logs of IM chats. I said I thought Carnivore didn't exist. They didn't think it was funny. Anyway, they were bluffing.

[[Yoshi leaves]]
Yoshi narrating: We encrypted every chat, and kept no logs. They had nothing, and we all knew it. They couldn't keep me, or my stuff. I was a dead end. But I knew they'd keep me under surveillance.

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