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[[Mrs. Oshiro is shouting at Yoshi and gesturing with her spoon while he ignores her]]
Yoshi narrating: Mom went all ape$@#* on me when I got home. I told her it was all a big mistake and ignored the rest of what she screamed. That's what I usually do anyway.

[[Yoshi enters his disheveled room]]
Yoshi: My room was trashed. I was told I would get my stuff back "eventuallly" but I didn't believe that. How long did it take Kevin Mitnick to get his stuff returned?

[[Yoshi picks up his VIAO]]
Yoshi narrating: Surprisingly, they didn't find my VIAO. Guess I hid it better than I thought. Now, to get online and see if I could find out what tipped off the feds.

[[Yoshi is using his VIAO]]
Yoshi narrating: Then the least expected thing of all happened.
s1r3n's IM: meet me tonight 8264 bishop st. 11:30 s1r3n.

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