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[[Yoshi climbs out his bedroom window. Music is playing]]
Yoshi narrating: Dad grounded me and confined me to my room, but that just made sneaking past them easier. It was duping the feds watching the street that was hard

[[Yoshi rides down the street on his bicycle. A "Diapers" van is conspicuously displayed]]
Yoshi narrating: Good thing they were trying to be inconspicuous, 'cause that mean they didn't have many on the stakeout. But I knew some back ways out of the neighborhood. Let 'em watch an empty house.

[[Yoshi rides by a burning barrel]]
Yoshi narrating: The address was on the far side of town, not exactly the kind of place a "nice" kid like me goes. It took me a while to find the place.

[[Yoshi parks his bike inside McPherson Junk and surveys the scene]]
Yoshi narrating: It was an old junk yard. If it was still in business, I couldn't tell. I looked around until I found an old shack with a light still on.

[[Yoshi peeking through the windows]]
Yoshi: I peeked through the windows, but they were so dusty I couldn't see in. My heart was pounding. I had never done anything like this.

[[Yoshi looks inside, through the doorway, at a woman in a revealing leather outfit, looking astounded]]
Yoshi narrating: Then..I went inside.

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