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[[Yoshi stands in the doorway, drooling over S1r3n]]
Yoshi narrating: I must have stood there, drooling like some anime fanboy or something. I mean, I knew s1r3n was a _chick_, but I never knew she was a _babe_.
Yoshi: Gah...

[[S1r3n looks at Yoshi]]
Yoshi narrating: Eventually, she snapped me back to reality. I felt like a total gomer.
S1r3n: So are you coming in, or are you going to stand there drooling all night?

[[Yoshi looks at s1r3n]]
Yoshi: S-sory. Are Y-you...?
S1r3n: S1r3n? Yes. And you must be B0r0m1r.

[[S1r3n is revealed to be Trudy, who has cut and bleached her hair]]
S1r3n: You and I have a _lot_ to talk about.

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