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[[Yoshi is surpriesd while Trudy is smiling]]
Yoshi narrating: You look...nothing like I expected.
Trudy: Heh. This is all totally new. All part of my "low profile."

[[Trudy has cut her hair and she is adjusting it in a flashback]]
Trudy narrating: It was rough, finally cutting and bleaching my hair, but necessary. I had to keep hiding, and this cut makes changing wigs easier.

[[Yoshi looks surprised while Trudy frowns]]
Yoshi: So you really _are_ being hunted by the feds...
Trudy: The FBI, CIA, UGA, and a bunch of silly acronyms.

[[Yoshi has an ecstatic look on his face while Trudy smiles]]
Yoshi: This... is just too... freakin' _cool_...
Trudy: Me thinks he's finally starting to thaw out of that shell.

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