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[[Yoshi is seated]]
Yoshi: M-my real name is--
Trudy: I already know your name, Yoshi. But you don't need to know mine, for your own protection.

[[Trudy bends down and has a desperate expression on her face]]
Yoshi: Why did you want to meet me then?
Trudy: I need your help. I need your skills to get me out of a jam, and only _you_ have the smarts to do it.

Trudy: I know all about how the FBI grilled you today and confiscated your stuff. You and I are kindred spirits, both persecuted by "the man," B0r0m1r,. You _have_ to help me.

[[Yoshi looks as though he is pondering the situation while Trudy grins and slips off her jacket]]
Yoshi: I... I don't know... I mean, I've done a few things that are _technically_ illegal, but nothing _big_...
Trudy: Then maybe I can make it worth your while...

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