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[[Trudy has taken off her jacket, and reveals most of her back]]
Trudy: Do you have a lot of _experience_ with women, B0r0m1r?
Yoshi: Er... n-no...

[[Trudy leans forward, onto Yoshi]]
Trudy: You know... we could _change_ all that. I know a thing or three I'm sure I could teach you.
Yoshi: _R-really?!_

[[Trudy smiles as Yoshi looks down, big drops of sweat coming upwards]]
Trudy: We could start with something simple and work up to something _harder_. I'm sure that eventually, you'll get to the main _thrust_.

[[Yoshi and Trudy are face to face. Trudy is scowling]]
Yoshi: B-b-but you're so... so... _old_...
Trudy: You are determined to make this difficult, aren't you...?

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