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[[Trudy is still working with a very nervous Yoshi]]
Trudy: It's really very simple, B0r0mir. You do a little something for me, and I'll do a little something to you.

[[Trudy strokes Yoshi's chin]]
Trudy: I have several bank accounts scattered across the globe. The feds have seized a few of them, but some are still free to access.

Truudy: I need you to hack into those banks and pool that money into a local bank. Can you do it?
Yoshi[[nervously]]: _C-can_ I? Sure. But I don't know if I _sh-should_...

[[Grinning, Trudy tilts Yoshi's head downwards so that he is looking at her breasts]]
Yoshi[[weakly]]: I-I-I'll do it.
Trudy: Good boy

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