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[[Yoshi is working on his VIAO while Trudy looks over his shoulder]]
Yoshi narrating: I hooked up my VIAO and went to work. It didn't take long to establish the right connections.

[[Two command windows are open]]
Yoshi narrating: I was surprised at how easy it was. I mean, I had hacked tougher sites, like the DOD and NASA, but this was ridiculously easy. I was starting to wonder why I never tried this before.

[[Trudy licks her lips as Yoshi sweats]]
Yoshi narrating: All the while, S1r3n watched with edelight. As I cracked into a new bank, she would lick her lips. I felt her hand on my thigh, here fingers on my side, her breast brushed my back...

[[Yoshi is sweating, surprised as Trudy looks disapproving]]
Yoshi narrating: Hand... thigh... breast... back... legs... cleavage... lips
Trudy: B0r0m1r, you're typing gibberish again.

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