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[[Trudy looks angry]]
Trudy: You have to get out of here... before anyone finds out you're here...
Yoshi: I've still got one more bank to hack...

Trudy: _NO!_ No... I've abused you too much... I've tainted you like I tainted _him_... God, I was practically doing statutory rape...

[[Yoshi points a finger while Trudy's expression twists]]]
Yoshi: Um, It's only rape if one party's unwilling. I'm more than happy to--
Trudy: No, _NO_! Everything is wrong. I-I can't! What's _WRONG_ with me?!

[[Yoshi rolls his eyes as Trudy sobs]]
Yoshi narrating: Resigned to the fact that my virginity was firmly intact, I realized that this was something bigger... something deeper that I was only seeing the surface of...

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