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[Comic for Wednesday, March 31, 2004]


[[Yoshi is sitting next to Trudy, with his hand on her shoulder. Tears are streaming down Trudy's face]]
Yoshi narrating: I'm no touchy-feely person, but I fugred she needed to vent.
Yoshi: Why... don't you tell me what's wrong?
Trudy: Sob

[[Shows Trudy's face, and a flashback of her pointing the gun at Nick's head.]]
Trudy: I... almost two years ago, I... betrayed the only man I ever truly loved. I used him to further my selfish goals, and nearly killed him when he ultimately rejected me.

[[Yoshi is sitting next to Trudy]]
Trudy: Now here I am, doing the same thing all over again. I led you here to use you, to fulfill my own selfish needs, and in the process, I am only destroying myself.

[[Trudy turns to Trudy, who is glaring]]
Yoshi: Um, well, if you still want to use my body, it's okay, 'cause it's not _entirely_ selfish.
Trudy: I wasn't going to sleep with you, you twit. I only wanted a hacker.
Yoshi: Dang.

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