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[[Yoshi is addressing Trudy, whose hand is on her forehead]]
Yoshi: Um, okay... so you kind of led me here under false pretenses and wanted to use my brain instead of my body. Kind of a bummer, yeah.

[[Trudy looks sad]
Yoshi: But... you didn't _make_ me come here. I came because I wanted to finally _meet_ you. To see the person I've come to know online. I came under my own power and free will.

[[Closeup of Yoshi]]
Yoshi: Yeah, you kind of deceived me at first. But we all lie a little online. We all pretend to be something we're not. And once we got past that, I started to reallly get to know _you_.

[[Trudy embraces Yoshi]]
Yoshi: I'm not good at all this mushy crap, but I really want to be your _friend_...
Trudy: And, as long as I've been without one, I'll gladly take it.

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