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[[Trudy sadly looks at Yoshi at his VIAO]]
Trudy: I can't ask you to finish that hack...
Trudy: No, I _want_ to. In fact, I'm already done.

[[Trudy holds up an ATM card]]
Yoshi: That's a nice little nest egg. What are you going to do now?
Trudy: I'll withdraw it all with this ATM card, then try to leave the country.

[[Trudy has a half-smile]]
Trudy: I... I need time to think, and I can't do that while I'm on the run. I know a few places I can go. Don't worry, though. Now that I know I have a friend, I'll keep in touch.

[[Trudy grins at Yoshi]]
Yoshi: You know, we can still know each other better... in the Biblical sense... {{having sex, as evidenced by Yoshi's past statements}}
Trudy: Nice try, kid. I'm more than twice your age.
Yoshi: I'm mature for my age!

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