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[[Trudy locks the shed]]
Yoshi narrating: We parted company around 4 AM. She was careful to leave the shack as she found it. Apparently, the owner would be there soon.

[[Trudy and Yoshi hug]]
Yoshi narrating: It was kind of weird. After all we had been through, it was obvious we had formed some sort of bond. We weren't online acquaintances anymore. We were friends.

[[Trudy gets on her motorcycle]]
Yoshi narrating: I didn't know what the future held or what all she had been through. She was my pal, and I was going to help her no matter what.

[[Yoshi and Trudy ride off in opposite directions]]
Yoshi narrating: And I knew that whenever I met S1r3n again, it was going to be quite an adventure.

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