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[[Dexter, Ki and Sharon discuss how to replace a blown router. Ki looks unhappy, her face in her hand]]
Dexter: With the router down, the LAN party is toast for Nick's birthday.
Sharon: Maybe not. I've got an old hub or two at home.

Sharon: They won't replace the router, but at least the LAN will be up. We'll be able to work and have the LAN party.
[[Ki smiles]]

[[Dwayne enters]]
Ki: Excellent! That will do the trick! For a moment there, I thought we had a serious problem.
Sharon: Technically, we still do...
Dwayne: Ah, there you three are.

Dwayne: While you're all here, I want you to know they're fumigating the building tomorrow. So I want you all to work from home.
[[Ki looks frazzled, her eyes wide and hair spiked]]

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