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[[Dwayne, Ki and Sharon talk about Nick. Ki's eyes are wide]]
Sharon: You're sending Nick to San Diego tomorrow?
Dwayne: Yes. He needs to meet with a new client who has commitments in that area and can't meet here.

[[Ki looks unhappy]]
Ki: But tomorrow is his thirtieth birthday! We had a huge party planned for him!
Dwayne: I'm sorry. I'd go myself if I didn't have to go to Atlanta the same day...

Dexter: What if someone went in his place? I'll go!
Dwayne: Dex, you know full well that Nick is the team lead. You don't have enough experience.

Dexter: Ooh, ooh! You could send us _all_ to San Diego!
Dwayne: Yes, that makes perfect financial sense.
[[Dwayne and Sharon narrow their eyes at Dexter, Ki looks down, eyes wide and hair frazzled]]

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