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[[Ki looking sad, chin on her arms crossed on the table, Sharon sitting across from her.]]
Ki: I can't believe Nick's birthday party was ruined before it ever started...
Sharon: I'm sorry, Ki. We all tried our best to help.

Ki: Now poor Nick is going to spend his thirtieth birthday all alone in a strange city, with none of his friends to celebrate with...
Sharon (looking calculating): Not necessarily...

Sharon: You know, Dwayne can only afford to send Nick to San Diego, but who says _YOU_ can't take a vacation day to fly out and meet him there?
Ki (smiling): You're right!

Ki (standing with fists clenched in determination): Sharon, you're a genius! _NOTHING_ can stop me from making this his best birthday ever!
Sharon (covering her eyes with one hand, thinks to herself): She jinxed it _AGAIN_...

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