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[[Ki waves goodbye to Nick from her van]]
Ki (Narrating): The plan was going to be flawless. I would see Nick off to the airport...

[[Ki looking shifty, removes a suitcase from the back of the van]]
Ki (Narrating): And instead of driving back to work, I would park and catch my own flight to San Diego.

[[Ki hands her ticket to the gate attendant]]
Ki (Narrating): I chose a different airline from a different terminal to minimize the risk of running into him...

Ki (Narrating): And since my flight wouldn't leave for a couple hours after his, I had plenty of time to plan the evening...

[[Ki sets off the metal detector]]
Ki (Narrating): Then... my jinx came back to haunt me.
Security guard: I'm sorry, Ma'am. But I need you to step over here so we can search you and your bag.

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