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[[Ki is in the airport, delayed by security]]
Security agent: The bag checks out, but I'm afraid it's too large for a carry-on. I can check it for you.
Ki: Um, okay...

[[A female security agent waves a metal detector over Ki]]
<<beep beep>>
Female security agent: Are you wearing anything or have anything in your pockets made of metal?
Ki: Not that I know of...

Female security agent: You're still showing up with something. I'm afraid I have to ask you to consent to a more thorough search.
Ki: Sigh... only to prove I have nothing to hide...

[[Ki and the female security agent look angrily at the male security agents]]
Male security agent: Remove each item of clothing slowly... and seductively... and lightly lick your lips...
Security agent with camera: Work it, baby. Make love to the camera...

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