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Ki, Narrating: It turned out the search was just a big waste of time...
Female security screener: You set this thing on "lace" again, didn't you?
[[The female screener looks harshly at the giggling male screeners.]]

Ki, Narrating: and because of that I almost missed my flight...
[[An airline agent re-opens the gate to let Ki through.]]

Ki, Narrating: The turbulence was brutal. It was like a four-hour roller coaster ride...
[[Ki, rattled, clings to her seat. The passenger beside her vomits into an airsick bag.]] <<BLECH!>>

Ki, Narrating: And then things got _really_ bad...
Airline agent: Um, technically, we _know_ where it is. But getting it back from Zimbabwe will take a while...
[[Ki bares her teeth at the poker-faced agent.]]

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