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Fred: Dexter, here's that code spec Dwayne mentioned this morning. Hrm... I know I'm going to regret this, but why the long face?

Dexter: Oh, it's... it's nothing. I've just been feeling kind of lonely lately. That's all.
Fred: I thought you went bowling again with Nick, Ki, and Sharon just last week.

Dexter: I did. They've been really nice to me and have been great friends since I becamse full-time. No, it's the OTHER kind of lonely.

Fred: Ah, the carnal urge to mate. I see...
Dexter: Not THAT. Well... maybe a little. I haven't had a girlfriend in a while...

Fred: Not that I really care, but is there anyone you're interested in dating...?
Dexter: Yeah... but she's hung up on someone else...

Fred: You're not still pining after Ki, are you? If Nick found out...
Dexter: Oh, No! I'm over her! And NICK'S not the one I'd be worried about hurting me.

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