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Dexter: It's really a common misconception that an Imperial Star Destroyer could take on the Enterprise. I mean, it would have size on its side, but lasers do nothing against Federation shields.

Dexter: Now, what _I'D_ like to see are the Klingons against "Babylon 5's" Narn. For some reason, that sounds like a really awesome fight! My money's on the Klingons. A bat'leth is a deadly weapon...

Dexter: Of course, the Jedi do have the Force... They could combine their powers and destroy "Andromeda" from a distance. And we _ALL_ know who would win between the Borg and B5's Shadows...

[[An attractive African-American lady sits with her chin on her hand, looking bored]]
Dexter: I'm sorry, that poster just got me started. And your name is...?

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