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[[On the airplane, a stewardess passes by]]
Craig: I forgot to ask... you _do_ know how to speak French, right?
Sharon: No, but I got one of those translator gizmos. Watch...

[[THe stewardess asks Sharon for her order]]
Stewardess: Voulez-vous avoir quelque chose a boire? {{Translation: Would you like something to drink?}}
Translator: Un kola je voudrais que vous obteniez pour que je boive. {{A badly mangled translation of "I would like you to get me a cola for me to drink}}

[[The stewardess looks confused. Sharon looks surprised]]
Stewardess: Pardon?
Sharon: Oops... let me try that again.
Translator: Mon chien a mange mon travail. {{Translation: My dog ate my homework}}

[[The waitress frowns as Sharon looks frustrated]]
Translator: Qui a coupe le fromage? {{Translation: Who cut the cheese?}}
Craig: Sharon, ust repeat after me... je ne parle pas francais. {{Translation for phrase: I do not speak French}}

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