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[[Sharon and The German are in a Parisian hotel]]
Bellhop: Your room, Mademoiselle...
Sharon: Thank you...

[[Sharon enters the room]]
Sharon: It's gorgeous! You can see the entire sky line, even Le Sacr?-coeur and the Eiffel Tour!

[[The bellhop gives The German his key]]
Bellhop: You room adjoins this one, Monsieur.
The German: Merci beaucoup.

The German: Well, I'm going to turn in. And you?
Sharon: I don't see how I could rest now! I'm too excited!

[[The German is in Sharon's doorway. Fooker enters the room next door]]
The German: I thought you said this trip would be boring and uneventful...
Sharon: Hee hee! This is Paris! Anything could happen!

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