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[[Fooker and Agent #12 are in their hotel room with equipment set up. Fooker carries an ice bucket]]
Fooker: That's funny. I couldn't find the ice machine...
Agent #12: That's what room service is for, #6...

[[Agent #12 holds a piece of paper]]
Fooker: Huh. Guess I'm too cheap for my own good. Any word from Amadeus?
Agent #12: Just an update on our briefing through the boxer-fax.

Agent #12: Reports say Doctor Not is definitely in France, probably in Paris. If your hunch is right, she'll probably hit the technology conference here at the hotel this weekend.

<<sniff, sniff>>
Fooker: Mmm... I thought I smelled the delicious aroma of untold mega-flops of processing power...
Agent #12: Cheap, huh? You'd sell your soul for the right server, wouldn't you?

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