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[[Fooker and Agent #12 are in their hotel room in Paris]]
Fooker: Abandon you? Maddie, I thought we'd been through this...
Agent #12: Through it, yes. But we never finished it.

Agent #12: I've told you my feelings, and they haven't changed. And I know you're still hung up on that girl back home, but how long do you really think she'll wait on you?

[[Agent #12 kisses Fooker]]
Agent #12 It's time you moved on, Jason. You have a different life now, and you can never go back. And I love you in this life, whether you accept it or not.

[[Agent #12 walks away]]
Agent #12: Give up on her, Jason. Even if you don't want me, at least you can give yourself a real chance at happiness...

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