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[[Fooker and Agent #12 are in their room, preparing for a ball]]
Agent #12: Why would The German replace Ridge? I thought Bengala would have been a better target.
Fooker: Bengala's too well known in this circle.

Fooker: Still, Ridge must have some connection that Not may want to exploit.
Agent #12: But what? He's a sales rep for a human resource software firm. He doesn't fit with this crowd.

Fooker: This is a high-tech event, more hardware than software. Why would ridge have even been invited? Whoa... lookin' good, Maddie...
Agent #12: Thanks.

Agent #12: Aren't you afraid your girlfriend will find out if you compliment me?
Fooker: Since she's thousands of miles from here, I doubt she'd care...

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