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[[Agent #12 pushes Sharon away from the buffet area of the ball]]
Sharon: So, was that lawyer thing just a cover, or are you really that incompetent?
Agent #12: We don't have time for this, Ms. Murphy.

Agent #12: Your life may be in danger. I strongly suggest you leave the ball and return to your room to be safe.
Sharon: Are you on some sort of mission? You are, aren't you?

Sharon: Does that mean... i-is Fooker here? Where is he? Can I see him?
Agent #12: Agent #6 is on another assignment. Right now, you need to--
Or: Well, well...

[[Sharon and Agent #12 encounter And and Or]]
Or: You girls seem to be in a hurry.
And: Why don't we step on the balcony for some fresh air?

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