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[[Fooker watches The German and van Horten from around a corner in the ball]]
van Horten: I have that information for you, Ridge. I'm sure your company will find it most useful...
The German: Excellent! Let's find somewhere more private where we can discuss it...

Fooker: (thinking) The German is moving van Horten somewhere secluded, no doubt to make his move, whatever that is. But Maddie's not responding... she could be in trouble. Blast it!

[[Fooker follows The German and van Horten]]
Fooker: (thinking) Maddie's a UGA agent, and trained to take care of herself. I can't let The German get out of my sight.

Fooker: (thinking) I can't lose them in this crowd. Until we know exactly what The German has in store, I have to assume the worst. van Horten--

[[Fooker walks into Dr. Not]]
Fooker: Oomf.
Dr. Not: Greetings, Mr. Baud. Care to dance?

Fooker: Why, Dr. Not... is that a gun in my stomach, or are you just happy to see me?
Dr. Not: Close enough to be just as deadly...

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