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[[Fooker and Dr. Not dance at the ball]]
Dr. Not: The weapon in your gut is a gift from our mutual friend, Dr. Nefarious. I never found out exactly what it does, but he assured me it was quiet, deadly and extremely painful.

Fooker: How quaint. You know, I hear the jail cell next to his is still vacant. If you let me know what wallpaper you'd like, they can have it up before you arrive.

Dr. Not: Always the charmer, I hate to disappoint, but I won't be going to jail anytime soon. And you will be dead in a few short moments, so spare me your heroic banter, Baud.

[[An elderly couple watches Fooker dance with Dr. Not]]
Man: Ah, young love...
Woman: I want to know exactly where her other hand is...

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