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[[Fooker and Dr. Not dance at the ball]]
Fooker: So what exactly are you trying to get from van Horten, Dr. Not?
Dr. Not: Now, now. One tip I picked up from Moldfinger was never to reveal my plans.

Fooker: Then I'll guess. Ridge was to meet van Horten, who was to give him something to help his company. The German replaces Ridge, brings it to you, and...
Dr. Not: And I kill The German, tying up a loose end.

Fooker: Nice twist. But what could van Horten, a leading mind in artificial intelligence, have that Ridge would have wanted?
Dr. Not: Ah, I see you've done your homework...

Dr. Not: Not that it matters. By now, your partner and Ridge's female friend should be dead, and you'll soon join them...
Fooker: Ridge's female friend?

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