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[[A man runs into the ball]]
Man: Tir sur le balcon! Tir sur le balcon!

[[Fooker and Dr. Not stop dancing. The elderly couple stops watching their dance and everyone turns to face the man]]
Elderly woman: What's going on? What are they shouting?
Elderly man: Someone has a gun on the balcony!

[[Dr. Not kicks Fooker's groin as she pulls out her weapon]]
Fooker: Urk!

Dr. Not: Well, it looks like things are falling apart, so it's time to get sloppy. Au revoir, Mr. Baud...

[[Dr. Not's weapon shocks her]]

[[Dr. Not and her weapon fall to the floor]]
Dr. Nefarious: Like my little booby-trap, Not? Hope it gets you in trouble. Maybe that will teach you to stop cheating at poker! Ha! Ha ha ha!
Fooker: Way to... go, Nefarious...

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