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{{Beginning of parody of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". Note: every panel has the word "Bravado" in the lower-right corner.}}
[[A white van approaches on the road.]]
Dwayne: Okay, gang. We've got a very special assignment today...

[[Inside the van is Dwayne (driving), Ki, Nick, Fooker, and Dexter. To the left is a head shot of Michell.]]
Dwayne: Mitchell is an old family friend who just got back from spending twenty years studying parasitic worms in the rainforests of Cambodia.
Caption: Guy who really likes worms.

Dwayne: He now must give a web-based lecture on the topic. Considering his last computer was a TRS-80 model III, he's pretty far behind the times.
Fooker: Ooh. Classic amber on black. Sweet.

Dwayne: We have five hours to turn this pre-net throwback into a web-savvy proto-geek.
Dexter: This one's tough, Dwayne. Can we pull it off?

[[Outside, the van continues on its way.]]
Dwayne: Yes, it's definitely a challenge, but anything should be possible for the "Foo Five!"

[[Show Title]]
Geek Eye for the Luddite Guy

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