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[Comic for Tuesday, June 29, 2004]


[[Fooker looks at Mitchell's computer]]
Fooker: Mitch...
Mitchell: It's Mitchell.
Fooker: Mitch, we gotta ditch this old clunker and get you a screamin' new machine.

[[Picture of Fooker with the text "hardware guru" superimposed]]

[[Nick and Ki find Mitchell's floppies]]
Ki: Oh my gosh! Fooker, look at all these old 5.25" floppies!
Nick: Why, there's almost enough to fill a single CD-R!

[[Fooker throws Mitchell's computer out the window]]
Fooker: Then a DVD burner is first on the list. But first it's out with the old...
Mitchell: I paid $1200 for that in 1981!

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