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[Comic for Thursday, July 8, 2004]


Nick: Trish, this is our friend Jason, but everyone calls him Fooker. Fooker, this is Trish. She's... um... new in town.
Fooker: Howdy.

Trish: So your Sharon's boyfriend? The one this party's for? I'm sorry, but I didn't know if I should have gotten you a present.
Fooker: Nah, being home is enough for me.
[[Nick leaves.]]

Trish: So you do a lot of traveling?
Fooker: I used to. But I'm settling back down. I missed my pals too much to stay away.

Trish: You look vaguely familiar somehow. Did I see you on the news a while back?
Fooker: Er, no. And you didn't see me on a post office wanted poster either...

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