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Dexter: You wiped all my memories of Sharon from my head to keep me from hitting on her, and implanted that infatuation with Megan Morrone to keep me away!
Fooker: Okay, okay!

Fooker: Dex, buddy, pal... I'm sorry I toyed with your noggin. Part of it was official, but I'll admit the Sharon part was selfish and unfair. I was jealous that you could stay here with her and I couldn't.

Fooker: But let me try to put it another way: Do you really believe that if I hadn't wiped your memories that Sharon would have run back into your arms?
Dexter: Well... No...

Fooker: Then see? I not only did it for myself, but to protect you from embarrassing and humiliating rejection!
Dexter: Somehow, the logic of that argument escapes me....

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