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Dwayne: I'm sorry, Fooker. I want to hire you back full time. I really do.
Fooker: No sweat, big D. I understand.

Dwayne: I meant what I said about expanding. If the deals Trent and I are working on come through, we'll be able to double our staff. And we'll need at least two sys admins. I can bring you back as the senior admin.

Dwayne: Until then, I have a friend across town who heads the I
T department for a local telecom firm. He's looking for a sys admin, and I told him about you as soon as we found out you were back.

Dwayne: I'll set up an interview, but with the glowing reference I've given, it'll only be a formality.
Fooker: A telecom, huh? Never tried my hand at phone phreaking...

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