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[Trish is in a room talking with a voice from her computer]
Computer: Report, Agent 2478.
Trish: I have begun to gain the trust of wellington's associates. I was invited to a party tonight.

Computer: A party? Pleasure before business, Marshall?
Trish: On the contrary. I've learned that Barker has returned.

Computer: That complicates matters. What else?
Trish: I have confirmed some of Nick's inventiones, and the bioscanner picked up two more life signs than I could account for.

Computer: How... interesting. Did you recognize these biosigns?
Trish: Yes My lord. It seems they have counterparts as well...
[Trish has an image of a 'Slime mold' on a handheld computer device]
Narrator: Hang on Gang! This story isn't finished just yet!

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