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[[Policeman and Akhilesh stand over the patient]]
Akhilesh: The police found you, naked and left for dead, tossed in a dumpster only a few blocks away. No I.D. or distinguishing marks could be found.

[[Akhilsesh works on the patient, with the police looking on]]
Akhilesh: There was an obvious bullet wound, but surprisingly little loss of blood. In fact, the wound was almost cauterized. That was when things became truly bizarre.

[[Akhilesh examines the projectile, while police take fingerprints in the background]]
Akhilesh: I removed the projectile, but you remained in your coma. Since you appeared stable, the police insisted on getting your fingerprints to try and identify you.

[[Police look startled at the fingerprints]]
Akhilesh: That's when we discovered your fingerprints were *changing*, almost every time they were checked.

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