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[[A finger with print visible is held up to a form, showing that it doens't match the print left on the form]]
Akhilesh: It seemed impossible, but it was true. Your fingerprints, dental and iris patterns, even the shape of your face was changing at an alarming pace!

[[Akhilesh looks through a microscope]]
Akhilesh: Since you were stable for the moment, I turned my attention to the projectile. It was unlike any bullet I had ever seen, and I managed to make a fantastic discovery before the police confiscated it as evidence:...

[[View of the patient's blood, with tiny machines visible among the bloodcells]]
Akhilesh: The bullet was filled with microscopic machines--nanoprobes--beyond any science I had heard of. By now, trillions of these devices were coursing through your blood stream...

[[Akhilesh looks startled at the limp form of the patient in the next room.]]
Akhilesh: and if my hypothesis was correct, they were rewriting your very DNA at the molecular and atomic level!

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