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[[Akhilesh looks at the blood]]
Akhilesh: My mind raced at the implications. Obviously, someone sought to murder you, and if the bullet did not kill you, the nanoprobes would disassemble you from the inside out!

[[Akhilesh watches the police examining the patient in the next room]]
Akhilesh: It was horribly ingenious, I will admit. Even if the corpse were to be found, it would deteriorate to an unrecognizable state far faster than decomposition. The perfect murder.

[[Akhilesh sits at his desk, contemplating the situation]]
Akhilesh: All we would eventualy be left with would be a puddle of goo... base chemicals and amino acids. And your murderer would get away... well, with murder.

[[Akhilesh looking determined.]]
Akhilesh: There are two things he did not count on, however. You were fighting the infection. And if you would not give up, then neither would I.

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