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[[A pair of tweezers hold up a single strand of hair]]
Akhilesh: I managed to find a hair folicle that was still alive (sorry, but your hair was falling out anyway) and used it to isolate your original DNA as best as I could.

[[Akhilesh stands at the shoulder of a female co-worker, as they work on a cure]]
Akhilesh: Using this, I replicated it, and submitted it to a friend who works in gene therapy. Together, we devised an experimental procedure to restore your DNA.

[[The patient lays in bed with a drip in her arm]]
Akhilesh: But first we had to destroy the nanoprobes, or the therapy would be worthless. I found a form of chemotherapy that seemed to work, although it would dangerously weaken your immune system.

[[Akhilesh kneels beside the patient's bed holding her hand, praying]]
Akhilesh: Miraculously, it seemed to work! The probes are disappearing. Maybe we were lucky, but pardon me if I think my prayers had more than a little to do with it.

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